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Instruments & Meters
  We provide industrial anti-corrosion, anti-explosion and anti-high temperature instruments and meters. We also provide soutions for temperature automatic control. Below are some of our main products.
   Series of thermal resistances
   Series of thermocouples
   Series of temperature sensors
   Series of differential pressure transducers
   Series of digital displays and controls for pressure, temperature and current (both intelligent and non-intelligent).

  Below are some samples for your reference.

 Armoured Thermocouple
   Product Group: WR series of armoured thermocouple.
   Product Description:WR series of armoured thermocouples are designed and produced according to IEC standard...>>>
 Assembling Type Thermocouple
   Product Group: WR series of assembling type thermocouple.
   Product Description: An assembling type thermocouple normally has temperature sensor, fixing parts and junction box...>>>
 Anti-explosion Thermocouple
   Product Group: Anti-explosion thermocouple.
   Product Description:GB3836 design according to IEC standard ...>>>
 Armoured Thermal Resistance
   Product Group: WZ series of armoured thermal resistances.
   Product Description: WZ series of armoured thermal resistance has smaller size and better temperature sensitivity. It is bendable, anti-knock and pressure-resistable. Its working arange is -200∼500ºC...>>>
 Assembling Type Thermal Resistance
   Product Group: WZ series of assembling type thermal resistances.
   Product Description: The working range is -200∼600ºC...>>>
 Anti-explosion Thermal Resistance
   Product Group: Anti-explosion thermal resistances.
   Product Description: According to Exd II BT4...>>>
 Digital Display
   Product Group: XMP series of digital display.
   Product Description: Digita display is based on industrial MPU to display variables such as temperature signal (from thermocouple or thermal resistance), analog signal (electric current, voltage), digital signal (frequency, pulse) ...>>>

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