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  BatchSale International Company Limited

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HK: +852 8198 6778
SH: +86 21 6064 2011

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   BatchSale International Company Limited is a professional international business company.
   During the past 10 years, its stakeholders have been providing large amount of products and services to customers in North American, Europe, Japan and many other markets. To integrate and optimize all resource and experience, BatchSale was established. Based on its appointed manufacturers, this company concentrates on providing more professional services and products with better cost-performance trade off for clients all around the world.
   Currently, we mainly provide instrument meters, cables, valves, pumps, corrugated boxes...>>>
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   BatchSale sources products that best meet the requirement of our client with suitable prices. We offer alternative products whenever we can to allow our customers choose between makes, origins, delivery periods and costs to get best trade off.
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